Barclays首次覆盖Zoom Video通讯为持股观望,最新目标价为270.00美元

Zoom股票交易策略:2021.10.24 从技术图形上看,股价在250美元展开反弹,近期重点关注上方300美元的阻力。近期维持250美元-300美元的波动区间。建议在区间内高抛低吸,跌破区间多单止损离场,升破区间少量多单测试趋势性行情。从基本面来看,股价与公司业绩存在较大溢价,投资者应当注意追高的风险。股价出现较大回落时要考虑止损交易。


2021.10.21 Barclays评级报告首次覆盖Zoom Video通讯,首次评级为持股观望,最新目标价为270.00美元。

2021.10.4 从技术图形上看,股价已经再交跌破前期最低点,重点关注下方230美元附近的支撑力度,如果支撑有效,可能在220-270美元之间震荡整理。建议短长多单在250美元附近少量仓位快进快出,如果跌破230美元,多单离场观望。从基本面来看,股价与公司业绩存在较大溢价,投资者应当注意追高的风险。股价出现较大回落时要考虑止损交易。

2021年9月30日,特拉华州公司Zoom VideoCommunications,Inc.(“ZOOM”)和特拉华州公司Five9,Inc.(“Five9”)相互终止了由ZOOM,Five9和Summer Merger Sub,Inc.于2021年7月16日签署的某些协议和合并计划(“合并协议”),一家特拉华州公司,是ZOOM的直接全资子公司(“合并子公司”)。合并协议的实质性条款先前已在Zoom于2021年7月19日向美国证券交易委员会(“SEC”)提交的8-K表格中披露。在2021年9月30日举行的Five9股东特别会议上,Five9的大多数已发行和发行在外的普通股(每股面值0.00 1美元)的持有人未批准通过合并协议的提议,合并协议在此之后终止,有权对此进行表决。

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) today announced that Zoom and Five9 have mutually terminated the merger agreement executed by the parties on July 16, 2021.

At Five9’s special meeting of stockholders held on September 30, 2021, Five9 did not obtain the requisite stockholder support for the merger agreement. As a result, Zoom and Five9 each had the ability to terminate the merger agreement.

“While we were excited about the benefits this transaction would bring to both Zoom and Five9 stakeholders, including the long-term potential for both sets of shareholders, financial discipline is foundational to our strategy,” said Eric S. Yuan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Zoom. “The contact center market remains a strategic priority for Zoom, and we are confident in our ability to capture its growth potential. At Zoomtopia, we announced the Zoom Video Engagement Center, our cloud-based contact center solution, which will launch in early 2022. Video Engagement Center will be a flexible, easy-to-use solution that connects businesses and their customers. We are building this new solution with the same scalability and trusted architecture that has made Zoom the platform of choice for businesses around the world. We also plan to maintain our valued existing contact center partnerships with companies like Five9, Genesys, NICE inContact, Talkdesk, and Twilio. We remain focused on driving long-term value creation for Zoom shareholders and delivering happiness to our customers through our broad-based communications platform including unified communications, developer, and events solutions.”

Zoom Video通讯于8月31日发布2022年中报,公司截至2021年7月31日,营业收入19.78亿美元,同比99.43%,净利润5.45亿美元,基本每股收益1.85美元。


公司名称:Zoom Video Communications, Inc.



公司总裁:Eric S. Yuan



办公地址:55 Almaden Boulevard 6th Floor San Jose California 95113


Zoom Video Communications, Inc.于2011年4月以Saasbee,Inc.的名义根据特拉华州法律注册成立,2012年2月,他们更名为Zoom Communications,Inc.,2012年5月,公司更名为Zoom Video Communications, Inc.。该公司提供视频优先通信平台,提供快乐并从根本上改变人们的互动方式。公司通过无摩擦视频,语音,聊天和内容共享将人们联系起来,并在不同设备和位置的单个会议中为数千人提供面对面的视频体验。他们的云原生平台提供可靠,高质量的视频,易于使用,管理和部署,提供有吸引力的投资回报,具有可扩展性,易于物理空间和应用程序集成。

Zoom is for you. We help you express ideas, connect to others, and build toward a future limited only by your imagination. Our frictionless communications platform is the only one that started with video as its foundation, and we have set the standard for innovation ever since. That is why we are an intuitive, scalable, and secure choice for individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises alike. Founded in 2011, Zoom is publicly traded (NASDAQ: ZM) and headquartered in San Jose, California. Visit and follow @zoom.